Saturday, February 10, 2007

Wedding Quilt

I finished my son's wedding quilt last week. This is a picture of it on our bed. I really enjoyed making this. I had them come over and look through my books and patterns last fall. They liked several patterns, so they took a few days to decide which one they wanted. When they told me this was the pattern they wanted, I was really happy about it; it was the one I liked the best of all the ones they liked. Then I had them look through all my fabrics to show me what they liked; I ended up making almost the whole quilt from my fabric stash! I bought one fabric just because it was perfect for the quilt, and I bought the fabric for the backing and binding. All the rest came from my stash.


Elizabeth said...

OMG- Cheryl- this quilt is glorious, amazing and beautiful!! The kids must be thrilled!! Great job!! And 3 cheers for using fabrics from your stash- are we supposed to do tht ?????
miss you!

Cheryl said...

Oh my word this is so pretty and to think you made it all from your stash! Good for you!

Dawn Stitches said...

I was wondering where you got this pattern from. It's a gorgeous quilt!