Sunday, August 30, 2009

More Calligra-Fun

I love quotes as well as lettering, so I added a quote of the day to my blog (over in the right-hand column), and I'm going to try to put a quote into my journal most days (I won't say every day because I know that's unrealistic).

Anyway, here is the one I did yesterday:

And here is the one I did today:

I had painted the background back when I took Visual Journalism from Pam Carriker. I have a few more pages painted, but now it looks like I need to get busy and paint up some more.


Pam said...

Love the background pages. Hope you are able to continue adding a quote each day. It's a great goal.

Carol said...

Backgrounds are lovely and I like the printing very much.
I just clicked on subscribe and there is a message that follow-up comments will be sent to my email (the correct one)so I'll see what happens. I'm signed in as Carol (Google).

Carol said...

Now my name is highlighted - maybe I've fixed it. Hope so.

Donna said...

I love text and this is awesome! The background is pretty and the quotes are wonderful. I have decided that I must take the Calligra-Fun class!

Anne said...

Hi there! I love your calligraphy! Your writing is so beautiful. What a great, fun, creative way to capture quotes that inspire you! :-)