Thursday, August 28, 2008

Soul Journaling - Fixing a Disaster

I had a disaster with two page spreads in my soul journal the other day. I purchased some Golden's Soft Gel Medium in the Soft Gloss to try it out, and I like it much better than either the Liquitex Glossy or the Golden's Matte. I had used the Liquitex Glossy on my taped page spread, and the pages were sticking together (which is what I had read was a problem with glossy gel medium). I decided to put a coat of my new gel medium over it to see if it would keep the pages from sticking together. I liked the way it looked so much that I then decided to use it on my squares page spread as well. I thought both page spreads were completely dry, but the next day, the pages stuck together so badly that I couldn't get them apart. And when I did, they were both ruined (paint from one side peeled off and stuck to the other side - that sort of thing). Anyway, I think it was because I had SO MANY layers on the pages, and maybe I didn't let them dry enough.

I had to figure out what to do about it. The two spreads were consecutive in the book, and I had artwork on the other sides of the pages too. I first thought I would cut out the page that was ruined on both sides and glue the other two pages together. I did cut out the ruined page, but when I tried gluing the other pages together, I could see that it wasn't going to work. So then I decided to take a fairly thin cardstock and glue it over the ruined pages and redo one of the spreads on it. It worked, and the result is above.

I still need to redo the taped page spread, which will be later in the book. I actually like my new squares page better than my original - I hope that will be true of the taped spread as well. I went to the travel agent a couple of days ago to get some new brochures for Greece. The pictures won't be the same, but the idea will be.


freebird said...

I find anything acrylic takes some time to cure with matte finishes taking the least time. I bought regular matte and gloss medium not knowing it was supposed to be gel medium for gluing and coating things in mixed media. I've also found the mediums cause the ink to run on pictures or words printed out of my inkjet printer. I need to save up and buy a pigment ink printer.

I am so glad you were able to do some saving work here. Another idea would be to take the same medium and glue more thin paper over ruined areas and continue on as a mixed media piece even more.

Hope your next page gets fixed as well as this one did.

Christy said...

You poor thing. I think we all learn this lesson at some point. It happened to me in my first altered book. Here are two tips: buy cheap clear polyurethane spray paint. Once you feel the page is complete and dry to the touch take it outside or in a very well ventilated area and hit it with the spray paint. You can get glossy or satin. I prefer satin but I have both. ( I also do this with words/graphics that I print on my inkjet. It seals them, dries quickly and can then be used with other web mediums without any running of the ink).
The other way is to purchase clear polyurethane in a water-based formula from a home improvement store and brush a bit on over your pages. I actually use it in replace of any gel medium. The brand I use is very matte and crystal clear. Which is just what I want. They do make it in glossy too. It dries hard unlike the acrylics and if you use a lot it is much cheaper. I get it in the pint sizes but you can get a gallon and save a ton. Hope this helps a bit for future pages!