Sunday, August 10, 2008

Soul Journal Pages 5-6

While Sarah was away last week, she gave us a couple of homework assignments. One was to work on our tape page - without rules. So this is what I did with mine. The pictures and most of the words came from a travel brochure, and the rest of the words from a catalog. I used gloss gel medium both under and over the pictures - I just bought the gel medium yesterday, and I like it much better than my mat gel medium.

After it was dry, I wrote on the pages, and here is what I wrote: "For our 29th anniversary in 2006, Glen gave me a choice of several locations for us to celebrate our 30th anniversary. I chose Greece. Because of my struggle with migraines, we have decided to wait awhile. I think we'll go in the next couple of years."


Carol said...

I've enjoyed browsing through your blog. You have lots of gorgeous art. Welcome to ccswaps.

Sue said...

Hi - just love your Soul Journal pages - the three Collage Pot Pourri spreads are amazing. Interesting what you did with the taped pages too. Are you going to carry on with it?

Anne said...

Wow! Congrats on 29 years!!! That's awesome! Hope you get to go on that dream vacation soon! :-)

Elizabeth said...

Love your Journal Pages- great colors and I love all of the techniques!! The counters are fabulous- we need to do that too- could you send Glen over- we have a very nice guest room that has not yet been consumed by my art stuff!!!
Can't wait to see the fish tank set up!
i am soooo jealous of your trip to Santa Fe- we never got there while we lived in Ok :(
HOpe that the Migraines pass soon!!
Big Hugs!