Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Scrapbook Pages of My Recent Trip

I have a friend who I met on my trip to Greece, and then again in France, who loves fountain pens as much as I do (in fact, we went to a pen store together in Paris, where she bought a nice pen and I bought a leather pen case). She lives in Annapolis, and I went to visit her last week. We attended the DC Pen Show and had so much fun. Before the show, she showed me around Annapolis and we even found some time to sketch together (I haven't been doing much sketching lately; I've been concentrating on sewing and quilting).

After the pen show, I took the train to Philadelphia to meet my cousin, who lives in a suburb along the Pennsylvania Railroad. She showed me around Philly, where my two favorite things to see were the Barnes Foundation, with its huge collection of Impressionist paintings, and the Liberty Bell, because of its historical significance.

These are the scrapbook pages I did to remember the trip. You can click on the pages to see them larger and read the journaling.


Dolly Hawkins said...

Really enjoyed your scrapbook pages. Glad you are enjoying each and every day.

Sketchbook Wandering said...

What great pages of your trip! How fun to meet a friend that you met in Europe!

It seems that fountain pens are in today. I did a mention of them recently on my blog, and Brenda Swenson did a post on them. Next year I want to go to the DC show!!! Do you watch Brian Goulet's videos? (Gouletpens.com)