Saturday, June 02, 2018

Quilt Guild Challenge Quilt

My quilt guild had a challenge that started at our Christmas meeting last year. Each guild member who wanted to participate brought a yard of an ugly fabric from her stash. It didn't have to be ugly; it could be a fabric that was out of style or you were tired of. When we arrived at the meeting, we put our fabric into an unmarked brown paper bag. Then after all of the fabric was collected, each participant drew a bag from the collection. The only way you could put the bag back was if you happened to draw your own fabric. We then had to use at least 75% of the fabric in a quilt, and bring the quilt to our May meeting.

The fabric that I drew was truly ugly. In fact, if there had been a prize for the ugliest fabric, I believe I would have won that prize. It was Duck Dynasty fabric; here is a picture of it.

I knew right away that the only way I could use this fabric was to cut it up into very small, unrecognizable pieces, so that is what I did. Here is my finished quilt.

I used the challenge fabric in the narrow strips within the colorful blocks, in the background, and in the binding. My quilt won 3rd place. It was a really good challenge that stretched my creativity and I enjoyed it. Considering what I started with, I was very pleased with my results.


Laure Ferlita said...

WOW!! Nicely done Cheryl! Who would have ever guessed!?!

The Idaho Beauty said...

Good save! I don't know if I could have brought that fabric home, let alone work with it, feeling as I do about the ducks. I'd always see it, even cut up that small! :-)