Monday, November 30, 2009

Walk at Teal Ridge Wetlands

This is my memory sketch for Lesson 2 of Kate Johnson's class, Keeping an Artist's Journal. We walked at Teal Ridge Wetlands on Friday morning (the day after Thanksgiving) and saw the geese getting ready to land in the field to our north.  I sketched it today from memory.  I also used a new (to me) technique of using a bamboo skewer to paint the smallest twigs on the trees.


Dotti said...

I can see you're having fun with this class and it sure shows!

Anne said...

Hi, Cheryl! Love the pretty blue skies and the trees! :-)

Dali Lobo said...

Hi Cheryl,
I just tried Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory's Dark Chocolate Raisin Cluster yesterday. It was so good! And not sweet at all.
And your truffle looks just like the ones in the store!