Thursday, November 19, 2009

Two New Journal Pages

I bake all of our bread - never buy it.  And not only that, I mill the flour from wheat.  But before you start thinking how labor intensive that is, let me share my process with you.  I have an electric grain mill made by Nutrimill, and I have a heavy duty Bosch Universal mixer.  I use a fast rising yeast that only requires the bread to rise once.  So I end up with 5 loaves in about 2 hours.  And I only bake about once a month.  And that is exactly what I did today.


Dotti said...

I used to make all of our bread too...that came to a screeching halt when we needed to lose some weight. The smell of that fresh baked bread just made eating it while warm too irrestable! Now we buy very grainy breads at Trader Joe's and stash them in the freezer!

chris said...

Theres nothing quite like home made bread, its so good. I enjoy making it too but I dont go to the effort you do Cheryl. It sounds like you have a great set up to do it.