Friday, September 04, 2009


Another tribute to Senator Edward M. Kennedy:

I want to mention again that I learned this style of lettering from Martha Lever in her fabulous class, Calligra-fun. Martha is a very talented artist and a great teacher. As I continue to practice, I'm beginning to see a bit of my own style emerge; it's exciting!

Martha is in the process of filming her next class: Italic Calligraphy - The Right Foundation. If it's anything like Calligra-fun, it will be a great class. I'm going to take it; why don't you join me? It should be ready sometime in November.


Elizabeth said...

I love this Quote! Cheryl! We are so going to miss Senator Kennedy. Even tho I ahve not lived in MA for a very long time, he was alwyas my Senator!!! Your lettering is looking fabulous and I am envious of your class work with Julie from Lost Luggage- I just love Julie!!! You are doing all of the things that are on my list!!! Miss getting together for work days, like we used to- SIGh!! Still don't really feel like we LIVE here in VA- too many people and cars!!!!

Anonymous said...

Found my way here from Online Art after a bit of detective work. You really have got that italic hand down so well. You must have worked hard at it. I only joined up a week ago, and I'm sure it will take me a lot more practice to get to this stage.