Sunday, February 15, 2009

More Visual Journalism

I've done some more pages in my visual journal. This first one is the first page in my journal - I had left it blank until I decided what I wanted to do, since it's the first page you see when you open the journal. A friend had given me a set of napkins with these cats on them, and I only had one left, so I decided the best use of them would be to glue them into my journal. I wasn't sure what the best way to glue them in would be, since after I separated the layers, the paper was very thin. First I ran it through my Xyron, but that didn't work well at all; some of the paper stuck to itself. I managed to get the top three cats glued in with just a bit of wrinkling. Then I remembered seeing Pam Carriker put Golden's gel medium directly on the page instead of on the paper that was being glued in while watching her class video, so I decided to try that. It worked much better and I was able to glue rest of the cats and the fishbone border in that way. I really like the way the paper of the napkin almost disappears; I'll be using more napkins and tissue paper in the future. I stamped the pawprints, and did the lettering and hearts by hand. Then I added some shading and I think it's done.

I've shown the next page before, but I've added some outlines to the title and some shading.

I've shown this page before too, but I've added some more doodling and shading to it.

And this last page is new. I've mentioned before that I attend the Tulsa Ballet; they performed Cinderella last Sunday.

I highly recommend this course!


Anne said...

Hi there! I really like your page of cats! It turned out so well! I especially like the little shadows you gave them to "ground" them to the page. :-)

Cecile said...

Wonderful page with cats, I love it too !

Fannie said...

Bravo, C! Love all of your pages. Cats, cats, cats! ;-D

Thanks for sharing.

simplyred said...

Your art journaling is getting better and better! And I really love your cats page. Great work!


Margaret Ann said...

These pages are wonderful... I especially like the way you handled all the lettering...great flow! :)