Wednesday, February 25, 2009

2 More Faces

Since I signed up for the Faces on Fabric class, I've decided to draw at least one face every day, at least until the next lesson comes out next Monday. So far, I've drawn more than one face each day; here are the two I drew today. Since they will be turned into fabric, that's why the hair on the second one looks the way it does - each section will be a separate piece of fabric. I'm thinking about taking my watercolor pencils to these.


Anne said...

Hi there! I like the hair on the second one. I also like the second face better of the two ... I think you did especially well on the lips, nose, and eyebrows on this one! :-)

Sequana said...

This is what EYE hope for - every time you draw one, it's gets a lot better.

....annie in chicago

dshreve said...

As of 3-3-09 I like this one the best! Great job! Wahoo!