Friday, December 12, 2008

Cards and Stuff

We actually sent out our Christmas cards today - pretty amazing! I don't think they ever would have gotten done if DH hadn't gotten busy and written the annual letter a week or more ago. He usually writes the letter, and then I edit it and add stuff about me. He's quite the jokester, so he always puts something in the letter that he knows I'll take out. This year, after putting down all the information about our son and daughter-in-law, our travel, and stuff about him, the last sentence was "Cheryl didn't do much this year." Ha ha!

I read it when he wrote it, but didn't feel like figuring out what to write for my part. He kept after me until I finally finished it a couple of days ago. Then we decided to send out a photo he had taken, so I cropped it and added some words to it in Photoshop. We bought some fancy stationery at Staples yesterday and printed the letters, mailing labels, and photos. Today we stuffed envelopes and he took them to the post office when he went out to his eye doctor appointment.

I am so not in the holiday mood yet - we haven't even put up the tree yet. But I did finish making a presents for a couple of my friends today. I'm just making two more. I hope to finish the one for my mom tomorrow and then the one for my DS and DDIL in another couple of days.

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freebird said...

It just seems to be that kind of year. Maybe the election just plain wore everyone out. That and the economy are enough to take the spirit out of anything. Time to just say no to all that negativity and say yes to Love, Joy and the Peace that Christmas brings. Now say it three times ... well, would a glass of wine help?