Thursday, October 02, 2008

Cyber Fyber Random Trade

These are the ATCs that I am sending to artist Susan Lenz of Cyber Fyber for the Random International ATC Trade (which you can read about here). I've already posted pictures of the two on the left in earlier posts (here and here).

The one on the right has a funny story behind it. The postcard I did for day 3 of my blog giveaway used this technique, and I had the postcard signed and addressed and all ready to mail. For some reason that I don't remember, I had carried it into my sewing room and set it on my cutting table. I was cutting apart atcs (probably the set that includes the one on the left in the picture above), when one cut was more difficult than it should have been. I realized that the postcard was under the atcs. Well, I'm sure you can imagine how I felt! And I had cut the postcard in such a way that I couldn't even get an atc from it. I had to decide what to do about it since I didn't want to disappoint Jennifer, the winner of that postcard. So I made another one. And while I was doing it, I made a large enough piece of felt that I got not only the postcard, but 5 atcs from it.


Fannie said...

You made lemonade! Bravo!

I received my lovely postcard. Thanks so much for the wonderful giveaway. I will place it on a vintage hanger and display it on my studio's wall to remind me of you. Thank you!

freebird said...

Isn't it awful when things like that happen. Your stomach literally drops with a thud and sometimes an unladylike word escapes (my mouth, at least). But when push comes to shove, the real artist comes up with something better and it sounds like you did that. Yay.