Friday, September 19, 2008

Soul Journal

I joined the Soul Journal Yahoo Group recently, and our first prompt was called Instant Gratification. This had to do with creating a page quickly - using an image from a magazine, creating a title, and writing about the image. I'd been wanting to journal about our aquarium, so this was the perfect way to do that - my page is above.

The next prompt was to create a permission slip for ourselves. Above is my page; first showing the permission slip inside the envelope and then showing the permission slip itself. I'm working on another prompt now called Lost and Found - I'm not at a point to share yet, but it's a good one - it's making me think! If you're into art journaling, I recommend this group!

I'm going to a quilting retreat this weekend, and then I'll draw the winners and announce them here sometime Monday. And that post where I announce the winners will be my 400th post!


Julie Bagamary said...

I like these journal pages. The permission slip one is especially clever.

Sue said...

Hello - from a fellow Soul Journal person. Your pages that you have posted are lovely and your pages from Sarah's Journal are stunning.
I've had a good read of your fabric work postings too - think I might have to have a go at using fabric too - funny it's never occurred to me to use it - mainly being a player with paper etc. lol. Take care ... Will visit again soon

freebird said...

This sounds like a good idea although I think I want to wade through the soul journal blog first and that has to wait till I finish my classes with Jessica and I still have to keep up with my Bead Journal pages so it might be a little while or I might just get too curious and join up anyhow. (Was that run on sentence or what?)

What was the mice debacle?

paulavicente.artfactu said...

Hi, your work are absolutely fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!One day i would to be like you. :) See you