Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lost and Found

I finished up last week's Soul Journal prompt today; it was called Lost and Found. We were supposed to journal about things we had lost and things we had found in our life. I didn't follow it exactly; I wrote about how blessed I feel in spite of some losses. We were also supposed to take comments given to us and turn them into affirmations. I wrote some of the wonderful compliments I've been given on my blog about my work. These are written on the stamped leaf that is on the front of a folded piece of watercolor paper that I glued to my page. On the inside of that paper is the journaling, which is in the second picture. The top border is some ephemera that I collected, and along the bottom is a piece of tissue paper that I've saved for a long time from a purchase at Chico's (my favorite clothing store). I only used a small bit of it; I have a lot more for future projects.


Linda said...

What a positive outlook. I like your approach and your pages.

I love Chico's too. Yummy clothes. :)

Mary S Hunt said...

our losses make us stronger don't ya think
help us appreciate our 'founds'
and it seems as if you appreciate your life too

i loved the book the other bolyn girl
i bet it was a great movie too

Julie Bagamary said...

Nice journal assignment. I especially am intrigued by the text on your stamped leaf. What did you write with? Did you prep the fabric first? Very pretty.