Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Update on Challenges

I am participating in two challenges this year:  the Back to the Classics reading challenge, and the Documented Life Project (an art journaling challenge).

I'm doing well with my reading challenge; today, I finished my 7th of 12 books. I'm feeling really good about this challenge, both because I'm on schedule and because I'm reading books I'm enjoying.

The Documented Life Project, however, not so much. I completed 8 out of the first 9 challenges, but since we're up to challenge number 22 this week, you can see that I'm really far behind.

This is what I wrote on my blog when I decided to participate in the challenge:  "I probably won't be able to participate every week because I'll be doing some traveling this year.  I imagine that other things will probably get in the way as well, but I plan to do what I can."

I really thought I would be further along than this by now. Oh well, I'm not giving up; I'm going to try to work on a page spread today.


Naomi Haikin said...

Well, last time I checked, eight was still more than zero! Good for you for giving it a go. Sometimes these are "warm ups" for another season of life that lets us run the whole race. I'm very interested to know the titles of the books you have read/are reading.

Timaree said...

I sure get behind on challenges and think most people do. Maybe that's why they are called challenges even though we think of them more as a fun activity. Just start with this week's and when you can, work backwards as well as forward or just let the gap be. I have classes I haven't started yet so I am even further behind than you are!

Kathy A. Johnson said...

You're well ahead of me, Cheryl, though I know this is not a competition between us! I think it's great to have challenging goals, just as long as we don't beat ourselves up over not achieving them perfectly. It doesn't sound like you're doing that, and I imagine you've learned quite a bit and enjoyed yourself along the way--what more can we ask for?