Monday, March 07, 2011

21 Days in February

Yes, I know it's March.  But in February, I took a class from Donna Mulholland, called 21 Days in February - Explore Your Creativity with Watercolor Journaling.  We were given daily journal prompts, and it was a lot of fun.  I completed 18 of the 21 daily prompts, and for some reason I didn't share them while I was doing them.  So rather than doing a separate post for each page, I thought I'd put them all together in this post.  It will make for a very long post, but I thought that would be better than 18 separate posts.

Day 1 - Daily Journal Prompts
Day 1

Day 2 - Daily Journal Prompts
Day 2

Day 3 - Daily Journal Prompts
Day 3

Day 4 - Daily Journal Prompts
Day 4

Day 7 - Daily Journal Prompts
Day 7

Day 9 - Daily Journal Prompts
Day 9

Day 10 - Daily Journal Prompts
Day 14

Day 12 - Daily Journal Prompts
Day 12

Day 11 - I'm Like a Bird
Day 11

Day 13 - Self Portrait - Picasso Style
Day 13

Day 6 - Oracle
Day 6

Day 17 - Really Bad Haiku About Spring
Day 17

Day 14 - What I Love About Me
Day 14

Day 18 - Favorite Song From High School
Day 18

Day 16 - Design a Fabric or Paper
Day 16

Day 19 - Red Dress
Day 19

Day 20 - Round, Like a Circle
Day 20

Day 5 - Creative People
Day 5

I posted these in the order I completed them, not the order that the prompts were given. Donna will be doing another class that I'll be taking in May - 21 Days of Gratitude with Watercolour Journaling: 21 Days of journaling prompts to cultivate gratitude. Online, May 5 – May 25, 2011 (21 days) $35.00 CDN.


freebird said...

Sounds like you had fun. I love the one with the kitty looking out and your mandala is terrific.

Jacqueline said...

These are so wonderful! Looks like you did learn a lot.

winna said...

these are terrific works---and ought to be in a book you can make yourself (like Shutterfly) --it will impress all...