Sunday, August 22, 2010

Artful Journaling Explorations - Applesauce

Artful Journaling Explorations - Applesauce
Originally uploaded by Cheryl Gebhart

For lesson 7, we were exploring the use of non-traditional tools to make art. I started by cutting some apple shapes out of foam to use as stamps. I painted them with watercolors and stamped them on the page (after trying on a scrap paper first). I did this a few times, but wasn't very happy with the impressions, so I added some more paint to the page with my waterbrush. It was just a blob of red, yellow, and green, so I took a bamboo skewer dipped in brown paint and added the lines and dots to define individual apples. Then I stamped the one apple by itself. I added our cook pot behind the apples and used my signature color (Cobalt Teal Blue by Daniel Smith) to paint a counter top (artistic license, since our counters are not this color). I included the statement about smell as another sense since I usually forget. The outlines on my apples are much heavier than I would normally like, but it was fun exploring the use of other tools on the page, so I'm satisfied with it.

Lucky for me, DH is doing all the work of cutting up the apples, since they are in pretty bad shape! I help once that part is done. I didn't take a photo of the apples - they're in buckets, so more artistic license was used with the arrangement.

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