Thursday, April 29, 2010

Imaginary Trip to England - Kew Gardens

Imaginary Trip to England - Kew Gardens
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Laure provides photos for us for most of our lessons (although we are free to use other images if we choose). But for our trip to the Kew Gardens, we were to wander around on our own and decide what to sketch.

I wandered around flickr and found 3 photos to sketch. I've obtained each photographer's permission to post my sketches based on their photographs.

The Kew Palace photo is here.

The Camellia photo is here.

And the Tulip photo is here.


Anne said...

Hi, Cheryl! I love that you do watercolor journals of your imaginary trips. They are so much fun! The palace is gorgeous! :-)

Kathy A. Johnson said...

Really lovely page(s), Cheryl. I love the rich colors of the palace.

biobec said...

Beautiful! I would love to go there sometime. Think about "visiting" the conservatory.