Saturday, January 24, 2009

Inspiration Journal

The idea behind this class is to create what Paulette Insall calls an inspiration journal. This is basically a journal with pictures of the things that inspire us. Then if we're feeling uninspired, we can just look through our journal to get inspiration.

I have 4 backgrounds painted (earlier posts), and now I've added some pictures (lesson 2) and journaling (lesson 3) about a few of the things that inspire me - flowers, tropical fish, butterflies, trees, and colored pencils. I think that many of my pages will have quilts and/or fabrics on them, but not this page. I'll be adding some more embellishing to this page for lesson 4.


The Idaho Beauty said...

Ah, now this is taking shape. These pages look great AND inspiring!

jgr said...

I love this journal! What a great idea to keep all of your inspiration in one place! I am inspired it seems, by everything and I clip out pics and words but never seem to get them organized like this ha!
Your pages are beautiful. Thank you for sharing.


Anne said...

Having an inspiration journal will be nice in times to come, when your mojo leaves you. What a great idea! :-)