Friday, October 24, 2008

Journal for a Friend

I thought I had already posted these, but in looking for them, I couldn't find them, so I guess I never did post them.

When I took Sue Bleiweiss's journal making class, I started on a journal for an artist friend. He had told me that he had never used watercolor paper, and he pretty much just used whatever paper he could find. So I decided I wanted to make him a journal with nice papers in it. I ended up doing 3 signatures, each signature a different paper. I used a paper called Sheer Heaven for all 3 covers.

This signature has watercolor paper in it. I used color wash sprays for the color on the Sheer Heaven.

This signature has pastel paper in it. I used pan pastels for the color on the Sheer Heaven.

And this signature has drawing paper in it. I used bleeding art tissue for the color on the Sheer Heaven.

I don't think I took a picture of the cover, but it was very similar to the one I made my son; it just had a different button on the closure flap.


freebird said...

This is your brown paper bag cover isn't it?

On the bleeding tissue cover sheet, is the tissue glued onto the sheer heaven or was it just laid on and wet down, then removed?

This is a great idea to record what kind of paper is in a section. I could see adding a sheer heaven water color palette like this.

StegArt said...

Wow, that's a wonderful and thoughtful gift!

Anne said...

What a beautiful and thoughtful gift. I bet he loves it! :-)