Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Soul Journaling Bookmark Swap

We're doing a bookmark swap in the soul journaling group. We were to make color copies of pages from our journal and collage them onto a bookmark. I'm pretty happy with how mine turned out - I didn't think I would be, but I am. The picture on the left is the front, the picture on the right is the back.

I bought a new jar of gel medium last week, and it has really made a big difference. My old jar was getting a bit too thick - it's pretty old. I know everyone says that Golden's is the best, but that was my old jar, and my new jar is Liquitex. It is also glossy, while my old was mat. Anyway, I don't know if it's just that the old jar was too old, or the difference in glossy vs. mat, or the different brands, but the new stuff is so much better!


Sandy..... said...

These turned out really nice! Would you like my address, too?
(just kidding)
I came across your blog via soul journaling, which I started late on, but am having a great time doing!

Fannie said...

Wonderful, Cheryl. Life does take us places . . . I'm glad it took me to your blog and you.

Mary S Hunt said...

everyone is so ahead of me
i will catch up this week though

your bookmark is fantastic

the glossy gel medium makes a huge difference over mat
for nearly everything
i prefer the golden myself
but there isn't a lot of difference between the 2 (listed) brands
i like the golden content of pigment for the color products over just about any other brand

it has a high level of saturation

and since i use the golden paints i just stick to the other mediums with in the same line
in my mind i think it all runs better if they are all from the same company
experience i know this isn't necessarily the case...
like the bookmark!