Thursday, August 07, 2008

New Aquarium

We had a very unusual thing happen to us today. Last week, we ordered a 55 gallon aquarium, hood, and stand from Petco. They called us today to tell us that they had come in, so we headed out to pick them up. DH noticed while loading the stand that the box was torn, and he considered opening the box right then and there, but for some reason he didn't. We brought it all home, and DH and DS brought them inside. DH opened the box, and the stand looked filthy and had a bad smell. DH and DS moved the box out to the garage so that it could air out, and when they took the stand out of the box, they found MICE in it! Not just one mouse, but LOTS of mice, both alive and dead. I am SO GLAD they didn't take it out of the box inside!!!

Needless to say, we took the box back to Petco after I called them to let them know. Two clerks carried it in and took it out back. When one of them came back inside, she apologized for the whole fiasco and admitted that when she was first told that we were bringing the stand back because of a mouse in it, she kind of wondered why. But after seeing it, she COMPLETELY understood. And by the way, we could have handled one mouse.

Petco is ordering us a new stand.


Teresa said...

Good grief...that was just awful!!!

StegArt said...

Oh my gosh! Ick!

Mary S Hunt said...

i HATE mice
1,2,4, is still mice

and i handle mice all the time living on the farm


did i mention
i do not like mice
even friendly ones.....