Sunday, August 31, 2008

More Embellishing

I finally broke down and ordered some chiffon scarves from Joggles, which I needed for my embellishing class. They came a couple of days ago. We're talking the old fashioned kind of scarf that women used to wear in the 50's or 60's to keep their hair in place! But they are really sheer, which is what I needed. So I took the felt that I embellished the other day (scroll down to the second picture here), added some snips of yarn, covered it with a light blue chiffon scarf, and embellished some more. Then I used my circle attachment for my Bernina for the first time and stitched circles all over. Finally, I cut it into 2 postcards. I love my embellisher!


Delighted Hands said...

Wow, beautiful, thank for the inspiration! (fellow yahoo group member)

Cyber Fyber said...

Today I'm creating labels for the ATCs in the upcoming CYBER FYBER exhibition but I can't resist sneaking a peek into some of the blogs while I work. I'm so glad I looked in on your wonderful blog. Congratulations on getting a new embellishing machine. Your work is really great. I thought I was totally crazy the first time I ordered chiffon scarves too. Who would have every guessed there was a really good use for one of those things?! Oh, about gel mediums....yes, they stick. Even when perfectly and totally dry, heat will cause them to adhere to one another. I like all the media...Liquidtex and Golden mostly...but generally add the matte and glossy together for a satin finish. Once I'm done, however, I lightly wax the surface using plain old butcher's wax or clean floor polishing wax....very, very lightly. Once done, one can't add anything else but the pages will no longer stick. Thanks for sharing your work and especially for trading with me!
CYBER FYBER and also

Fannie said...

Looks like the Embellisher likes you too, C! Nice!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog.
I have been looking at those chiffon scarves from Joggles as well and wondering what I could do with them. I think I will have to save for an embellisher. :) The postcards are great and I love the color combo. Thanks for sharing.

freebird said...

Oh goodness. Do I really have to start thinking about an embellisher? Everyone seems to be turning out nice stuff with them and since my Bernina sewing machine quit on me I'm sitting here with a cheapo from WalMart I'm not happy with at all much less looking at embellishers! These ATC's are super. I hadn't heard of a circle maker but I can see how nice one would be. I think I've got a bit behind on sewing items!