Saturday, January 13, 2007

The Daffodil Principle

Katie the Scrapbook Lady posted a link to this website on her blog yesterday. It is one of the most inspiring stories that I've read in a long time. I hope you'll take the time to click on the link and read it - it is well worth it, believe me!

But just in case you don't have the time, it is about a woman who planted five acres of daffodils over a period of 35 years, one bulb at a time. I'll quote just 2 paragraphs of the story here:

"The principle her daffodil garden taught is one of the greatest principles of celebration: learning to move toward our goals and desires one step at a time -- often just one baby-step at a time -- learning to love the doing, learning to use the accumulation of time.

"When we multiply tiny pieces of time with small increments of daily effort, we too will find we can accomplish magnificent things. We can change the world."

I have to admit that I had tears in my eyes as I read this story. And I also feel like I do this just a little bit myself - certainly not on this scale, but I make quilts, and the only way to do that is one piece at a time. There are times while making a quilt that I wonder if I'll ever finish it (and I have many quilts that I probably will never finish!), but if I keep working away, I do finish the ones that I really want to finish.

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