Wednesday, September 06, 2006

John David

I seem to be back to only posting when I have a new layout. So, here's a new layout! This is the grandson of one of my best friends - isn't he just so cute? And of course she made the quilt he's on. I used Lauren Grier's newest kit, It's All About You, as well as a new digital sketch from Jen Caputo that was a freebie in September's issue of the DST Insider (the newsletter for

I've learned to modify her 12 X 12 sketches to my liking - maybe better than the ones she does herself, but shh, don't tell her that! LOL!!! Especially since I asked her to make them in 8-1/2 X 11 for me. Now I wasn't the only who asked her, or she wouldn't have done it - it would hardly have been worth it for 1 sale. But it gives me more options if I do it myself - for example, I can decide whether I want them horizontal or vertical. So I may start buying them in 12 X 12 in the future. I'll just have to evaluate each one individually as they come out.

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Jen Caputo said...

.... well she can read!