Sunday, July 02, 2006

New Header

I decided I wanted to put my own header on my blog, so that's what I worked on today. I had some terrific help from this blog: Thanks Lindsay!! Boy, it wasn't hard for me to create my header, but getting it to show up, that's another story all together. It showed in the preview, but when I'd publish, it wouldn't show up then. Talk about frustration. I think it finally came down to I didn't have a semi colon after the url for the header (but then why did it show up in the preview?). From what I hear, if I was willing to pay for a Typepad blog, it would be a LOT easier to do things like this. I love having a blog, but not quite enough to pay for it (yet). So I'll just have to struggle through for now I guess.

1 comment:

t a r a said...

Looking AWESOME Chicky!!! I love what you have done over here!! Beautiful work Cheryl!!
Hugs n Love Ya
Tara xoxo