Monday, April 03, 2006

Thinking about Birthdays

Digital Scrapbook Place is celebrating its second birthday this week, so there are lots of challenges and contests going on. One of the challenges today is to write about our birthday. Mine was 3 months ago - I turned 51 on January 6th. We don't make a really big deal out of birthdays anymore - but it is kind of a special day. The person whose birthday it is gets to do pretty much whatever they want to on their birthday (within reason, of course). I don't even remember what I did this year - but I probably sewed (or maybe stamped). Then I think my mom took us out to a really nice Japanese restaurant for dinner (or it may have been the day after, because I might have had a quilt guild meeting on my birthday). All of our birthdays are right after Christmas (mine is first, then my son's is January 12th, and then my husband's is February 2nd), which makes it really hard to plan presents. I had already gotten my Canon Digital Rebel for Christmas, so I don't remember what I got for my birthday. It's really hard to write about 3 months later!

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Meg said...

Yummy! Japanese food sounds great! It's always so hard for those of you with birthdays around Xmas. I'm glad you do fun activities and food, since the presents aren't as exciting!