Thursday, February 23, 2006

NKOTB Round 3

Well, I didn't finish in the top 10 last week with my cat layout. I was a little disappointed at first, but then I realized that I have a layout that I'm really happy with, and the person I made it for is really happy with it, so it's ok. Here is the one I'm working on this week for round 3. I'm happy with this too, so if I don't finish in the top 10 next week, that will be ok too.

I've used Lauren Bavin's Tooth Fairy kit, Digital Date from Meryl Bartho, freebie word art by Tina Chambers (all from Digital Scrapbook Place), inked edges by Atomic Cupcake, and a sketch by Becky Fleck. The word art reads, "True Love only begins when nothing is looked for in return," by Antoine de Saint-Exupery.

Journaling reads: "Brian and Jessica told us in January, 2006, that they are getting married next summer. We are really pleased about their decision. We have seen how happy they are together, and we care for Jessica very much. They seem to be such a good match for each other. We wish them every happiness in their new life together."

Saturday, February 18, 2006

New Kid on the Block - Round 2

I'm already on version 8 this week! But I think I'm finally done. I have until tomorrow night to upload, but I don't know what else I could do to it now. This is a photo of one of my friend's cats (she has 4). Eventually I will do a layout for each cat.

I used Valeri Brumfield's Elsie May Kit and Tina Chambers' Cat Word Art (both from Digital Scrapbook Place). I used a stitching brush provided in DSU 270 class and a pawprint brush in upper left corner. I also used a sketch from Scrap Maps. The word art says, "As a housepet, I'm overqualified."

NKOTB Results from Round 1

Out of 78 layouts entered into round 1, I came in 6th!! I am so excited about that. There were so many great layouts, and I learned so much already.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

New Kid on the Block

I am participating in a contest at Digital Scrapbook Place for newbies to digital scrapbooking. Each week for 3 weeks we make a layout with a specific kit. We post the layout to a forum where we can get suggestions for improvement on it. We can keep reworking the layout until we're satisfied with it and then we post our final layout in the judging forum. This is the first week, and I'm learning tons! It is so great to get the feedback. This is version 5 of my layout; I think I might be done with it now, although I have until Saturday night to upload it to the judging forum, so if I think of any changes I want to make to it, I still have time.

I used the Welcome Kit by Lauren Bavin of DSP, a grunge brush from Tomas M. Ledin at Adobe Studio Exchange, Inked Edges from Atomic Cupcake, and a sketch by Meryl Bartho of DSP.

Journaling reads: "I always take a lot of pictures of wildflowers when we travel. I especially love the wildflowers in Colorado. So the first morning we were there (July 25, 2005), I went with [DH] when he went fishing so that I could take pictures. Here are some of the pictures I took that morning.

"We had planned on taking our 4-wheel drive pickup this trip, but we drove as far as the Kansas border when the air conditioning quit working. So we turned around and got our car instead. It meant we were not able to do some of the drives we had planned on, but at least we were cool."

Thursday, February 02, 2006

New Layout

I did this layout in response to a challenge on Digital Scrapbook Place to use the Item of the Week, which was this kit by Lauren Bavin called Daisy Dreams. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out - these are 2 of the many wildflower photos I took last summer in Colorado. The quote reads:

To see a world in a grain of sand,
and heaven in a wildflower,
hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
and eternity in an hour.

By William Blake