Thursday, October 13, 2005

Quilting for Spring

I sewed with friends today. There are three of us who get together about once a week to sew - we rotate houses. We are all fortunate enough to have large enough sewing studios to accommodate the three of us. Anyway, I finished quilting a little embroidered quilt called "Welcome Spring." I had started it last winter/early spring, with the hope that I could actually hang it this past spring, but I didn't get it quilted in time. Once I missed the opportunity, I put it aside. So this morning, as I was deciding what to work on today, I noticed this spring quilt. I decided that it would be a good project to do today - then it will actually be done in time for next spring. This is one of a series of seasonal quilts that I have completed - autumn, summer, and now spring. I will do winter as soon as the company that makes the embroidery designs makes the winter set (soon I hope). The quilt appropriate for the season hangs in my entry way. The other reason I wanted to finish this one is that I am helping another friend teach a beginning quilting class through our local city art center, and I want to demo how to put on the binding. I will need a quilt that is ready to bind in order to do the demo, so all I have left to do now is attach the hanging sleeve and label (and find my binding fabric!). I will post a picture of it when I finish binding it.

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