Friday, June 26, 2015

Joanne Sharpe's Online Class Bloomin' Doodles

I enjoyed Joanne Sharpe's in person classes so much a couple of weeks ago (you can read more about the classes I took from her here) that I signed up for her online class, Bloomin' Doodles. I'm having a lot of fun with it, but between this class, another of Joanne's classes called Artfully Inspired Life 2015, and Laure Ferlita's Imaginary Trip to New Zealand, my Documented Life Project challenge seems to have gone by the wayside. I may get back to it eventually, but then again, I may not. I'm not going to stress about it either way.

Joanne is teaching us how to turn flowers into fun, funky doodles. Here is one of my pages as an example. This is before the addition of color; it's even better once the color is added.

Joanne recommends using an inexpensive composition book to paste inspiration photos into. I'm not too fond of composition books, so I made a book instead. I used inexpensive mixed media paper for the pages and scraps of mat board and chipboard that I had on hand for the covers. I bound it with my Bind-It-All and decorated the front cover with gelli printed papers. Here is the cover of my book.

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The Idaho Beauty said...

Yes, why would you put bits of inspiration in a non-inspirational book? Especially when you can so easily custom make a book of your own? Great idea!