Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

On the morning of Nick and Amy Dunne's 5th wedding anniversary, Amy disappears.  Nick lies to the police about several things that can be easily checked.  Amy's diary paints a picture of a very troubled marriage.  As the story unfolds, told alternately from Nick's point of view and Amy's diary, Nick and Amy both become less and less likable.  There are several plot twists that I certainly didn't see coming.  It was a very dark story, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It was very well written; I rate it 5 out of 5.


Kathy A. Johnson said...

I've already got this book on my TBR list--just waiting for my library copy to become available (and for me to finish the umpteen books I'm already reading...). It sounds like a very interesting story.

Dali Lobo said...

I just got this from the library after a very long wait - I was number 356 and now the wait list is up to 900+.

I am halfway through and so far, it is absorbing. I read in bed and it is hard to put it down at night.

Cheryl Gebhart said...

I was lucky Dali Lobo - a friend had the book and loaned it to me. Hope you continue to enjoy the book.