Sunday, June 17, 2012

Joe's Journals - The Art & Tales of a Sojourner by Joe Miller

I'm reading A Farewell to Arms for a read along with War Through the Generations blog.  I don't want to get ahead of what we're discussing each week, because it's harder for me to discuss if I've read ahead.  I don't like to read more than one novel at a time, but I want to read something when I'm caught up on A Farewell to Arms.  So at those times, I've been reading Joe's Journals, which is a look into Joe Miller's (of Cheap Joe's Art Stuff) actual journals.  He is a watercolor artist who paints what he sees around him, and I found the book to be delightful.  He has a fun sense of humor and a great philosophy about his art.  On a page where he's sketched some boats, he states:
If you're a lobsterman, you probably cringe at my lobster boats.  If you're a fly fisherman and tie your own flies, you may cringe at my flies.  But all your cringing won't keep me from painting them.  They may not be accurate but they are mine.  My point is, don't let your inability to draw accurately keep you from enjoying art.  I do and so can you.  I love to watch children make art.  They don't worry about anything -- they just attack, and boy are they proud of their results.  We should learn from them.  (page 147)
  I love looking at other artists' journals.  I rate this 5 out of 5.

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