Saturday, January 07, 2012


I intend to start taking my sketching supplies with me more often, so I started by taking it to the restaurant we went to for my birthday dinner (not where we had planned on going, but we forgot how crowded restaurants get on Friday nights).


Claire M said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!! I had no idea.... but now I'll have to remember. ;-)

Great to see that you took your sketchbook and recorded something for your birthday dinner. You're starting 2012 and your year out on a good foot!!

We went out for dinner Friday night too... and now where we first intended because of crowds! In fact, we went to 2 different places, and finally settled on the 3rd one we went to because of 'waits'. Then the dinner wasn't so great because of all the noise in the place - acoustics were terrible for a dinner for 'two'!

Kathy A. Johnson said...

Good girl! Way to keep up the sketching in the New Year.