Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Retriever Training

Retriever Training
Originally uploaded by Cheryl Gebhart

Buddy isn't quite 6 months old yet (next week) and he already weighs 65.5 pounds! Our last lab weighed that when he was full grown (he was a little on the small side, but still . . .).

We started obedience class with him last week, and he's coming along. Yesterday we had a couple of friends come over, and he DIDN'T jump on them - YAY! They were both ready to knee him - hard - in the chest, but they didn't even have to. He's still a long way away from being ready to have a kitten in the house though (darn it!).


Kathy A. Johnson said...

Progress! He looks so attentive in the photo, too. What a good boy! Now if you can just keep whispering in his ear, you like kittens, you like kittens...

freebird said...

Hi Cheryl. Been missing seeing you in class! I bet your dog will be more afraid of the kitten than the kitten will be of him! Animals usually adapt well and the younger they are when they come together the better they do fit.