Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Shack by Wm. Paul Young

This is my book club's current selection.  I stopped reading on page 114 (of 248).  I usually read the books for book club, but I really couldn't get through this one.  It is a poorly written evangelical Christian story, and I'm not a Christian.  I was surprised that a book like this was the selection for our book club.  It would be different if it was well written, or if the book club was sponsored by a church.  But my book club is sponsored by my local public library.  Doesn't that imply that it is open to anyone, of any faith (or lack thereof)?

I haven't decided yet whether I'll go to the meeting when the book is discussed; if other members like the book, I might say something that someone would find offensive, and I wouldn't want that.  But I am curious what others thought of it.  Of course, I also realize that someone reading this entry might take offense.  I'm sorry if that's the case.


MamaBugs said...

I am a subscriber via bloglines and have been enjoying your journey into art journaling along with beginning my own not so long ago. Unlike you, I have not been brave enough to share mine - yet.
I wish I'd had commented before now but just HAD to this time...I too have read The Shack (quite a while ago) but unlike you, I am a Christian. Can I just say this book was terrible? *LOL* It is SO poorly written that I doubt it would ever be considered a literary gem. I fully grasp the concept behind it (though I do not agree with it theologically) yet can appreciate the purpose for and the manner in which it was written. I did write a review of it and posted it on living social but obviously was feeling generous that particular day as I gave it 3 stars. *L*

Now back to art - keep the pages coming! I enjoy seeing each and every one.

Scrappy Cat said...

MamaBugs - thanks for your comments. I would love to see your art journaling as soon as you are comfortable sharing it. Remember, most people are very supportive.

Sorry I don't know any other way of contacting you - hope you see this.

The Idaho Beauty said...

I too am a Christian and had to read this book because so many at my church were gushing over it and saying "You MUST read this." That's usually my cue to run the other way, be it a book or a movie. But in order to keep peace and have some credibility when I suggested a title, I read it. It really hurt my eyes, since I spent the first 2/3rds of the book rolling them, and I was very uncomfortable with the way God was portrayed in that portion.

I have to admit that finally, FINALLY there came a section of the story when God's portrayal shifted to the more traditional one and there is a very moving scene with a powerful message about forgiveness. Perhaps it touched me because part of the forgiveness happened between son and father, and I too had a difficult relationship with my father that did not fully resolve before he died. Anyway, I kept thinking what a shame that the book was so poorly written because it really did have a message everyone could benefit from, whether Christian or not.

Our book club discussion was much better than I anticipated, with more serious critique than I expected, and a few other interesting points were raised that I'd missed. But I would not re-read it to catch those. I was relieved that I could speak my mind with this group - I too often feel I'm the only one thinking a certain way and that gets old.

I guess I'd say go to the discussion, but don't necessarily finish the book. Just take it in and marvel how even poorly done literature can touch people. Or not. ;-)

MamaBugs said...

Hi Yes I did see your response. And like the last commenter, I would encourage you to attend the discussion as well. I think you may be surprised at the response as you can see from ours. Most people will welcome opposing thoughts as long as they are presented respectfully and I am sure you would be nothing but respectful. *S*

Thanks too for the encouragement about my art. I'm not sure if I want to blog about it or simply post it in a flickr type account. But I will let you know when I finally DO something about it. *L*

Loving your hearts of late!
PS...My real name is Trish- nice to meet you!

Scrappy Cat said...

Thanks Trish - I probably will attend the meeting. I've been very interested to read both your comments and Idaho Beauty's comments, since you both are coming from a very different place than I am and yet we all seem to agree that The Shack was poorly written. I imagine my book club meeting will be quite interesting.

I really do appreciate your comments. And BTW, I have a flickr account in addition to my blog - and I use them both.