Saturday, December 05, 2009

Biga Italian Restaurant

Biga Italian Restaurant
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This is a memory sketch - while I brought my sketching supplies with me, I left them in the car when we got to the restaurant. I'm still new enough at this that I felt a bit self-conscious - not so much about sketching in public, but about doing it with my friend at the table. Even though I know I can listen to conversation while I sketch, I was afraid my friend might not think so. But while my DH and my friend were talking, I studied the fireplace in front of me and wished I'd brought my sketchbook inside.


Krista Meister said...

Good for you, Cheryl! Even though it was a memory sketch (and a great one at that!), one day you'll be brave enough to bring your journal in with you and people will just be used to you having it with you at all times.


Anne said...

Hi there! Lovely memory sketch! Sometimes I try to at least sneak in a digital camera, so I will have something to work from later. :-)

jgr said...

This is great! I'm always impressed with those who can draw from memory.