Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Another Textured Surface Journal Cover

I've finished another journal cover from one of my textured surfaces. For this one, I embedded cheesecloth into the molding paste, then painted it. Then I tried doing bobbin work on my sewing machine, but the thread kept breaking, so I decided that it would look better to just have the thread in the lower left corner. ;) And for one area where the machine skipped stitches, I glued the thread.

I finally got a chance to play with some Tyvek, and I put a piece of it in the upper right (for some reason it looks like Africa). I also used some Treasure Gold and then covered the whole thing with one light coat of polymer medium. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out (and if you look at my earlier work, you'll see that I'm pretty consistent in my color choices - I really need to experiment with some different colors!). This surface is on Pelmet Vilene, so it's not quite as stiff as the one I did on chipboard (because I didn't know I was going to make journal cover out of it when I started it). But it's stiff enough.

I filled this particular journal with a paper that is good for pen and ink (Strathmore Bristol Smooth). I bought a couple of new calligraphy pens recently (Pilot Parallel Pens - which you can see here). I bought the 1.5 mm and 2.4 mm nib pens, and if I like them as much as I think I'm going to, I'll be buying the other widths too. We're heading to the mountains of Colorado on Saturday, and I'm planning on practicing my calligraphy while we're there. We're staying in a cabin at Silent Spring Resort, near Almont, which is between Gunnison and Crested Butte. We've been going to somewhere in Colorado almost every other year for the 32 years we've been married, and this is our favorite place to stay.


Anne said...

Hi, Cheryl! I am sooooo jealous! My grandparents used to live in Roger's Mesa, which is between Crested Butte and Hotchkiss. I would love to be going with you! Have you been on top of Grand Mesa? Have you seen the Black Canyon of the Gunnison? Have you shopped in Ouray?

We haven't been back to visit since my grandfather passed and the house was sold. But I miss it! We don't have any idea of places to stay out there, since we always used to stay with them. I'd love to see photos of the place you are going!

My grandparents lived near the Leroux Creek area ... near the intersection of 92 and 3100 Road. If you take 3100 Road back towards Grand Mesa, it winds around and around and ends up at a beautiful lake up top that is like sitting on the top of the world. I forget what it is called, but I like it there!

Have fun! :-)

Pam said...

Love the textures of your journal. Also colors are so vibrant. I enjoy reading of your experiences with various mediums.

jgr said...

This is so cool! Thank you for sharing your technique. I also like to make my own journal covers. Can't use the journal until I 'decorate' it. ha!

TracyB said...

VERY nice!! I think I've finally hit my quota of "one can never have too many journals" :)