Thursday, January 22, 2009

Visual Journaling

I'm taking a couple of online journaling classes right now. I mentioned the one I'm taking from Paulette Insall a couple of posts down. I signed up for another one taught by Pam Carriker at Creative Workshops - this one is called Visual Journalism 101. I made another journal for that class. Here is the front cover:

And inside the cover (I painted one sheet, cut it in half, and glued it to both sides of chipboard for the covers):

And here is the first page spread inside:

I'll be adding more to the pages over the next few weeks, but this is a good start. I actually used baby wipes to apply some of the paint - pretty cool technique.


Pam said...

Two journaling classes. WOW. I'm having difficulty keeping up with the one I'm doing with Kelly Kilmer.

Love the journals you made.

Fannie said...

very nice, c! did you make your own journal?