Friday, August 22, 2008

Revised Bandana Tags

After asking for and receiving a few comments on my bandana technique tags, I added some more white to my favorite tag and worked on another one that I forgot to post. I'm much happier with them now. Thanks for the comments - they were most helpful. I still like the top one best, but I also like the background of the second one. When I first made the background, I didn't like it at all and I wasn't even going to use it, but after working on all my other tags, I decided this background wasn't so bad. Now I like that background the best.


Teresa said...

The tags are beautiful...but what are they for? I guess they don't really have to be "for" anything, just beautiful in their own right. Do you use them as gift tags?

Fannie said...

Beautiful tags. The ones in the previous post are wonderful too, but these are outstanding--they sing!

freebird said...

I love these. What a neat look.