Sunday, June 15, 2008

Third Journal

I finished another journal yesterday, and this one is my favorite so far. I have always loved oriental art, and I have quite a lot of oriental paper and fabric and rubber stamps and stuff, so I am going to use this journal to do oriental artwork.

Here is the cover - I appliqu├ęd the square with the geisha face onto the background fabric. I used a set of ornamental chopsticks that I have had for a long time - thanks Michele!

This is inside the front cover - left side is the cover, so it is fabric. Right side is a piece of Japanese paper:

This is fabric - leftover from a wall hanging:

This is the back of the page above - I fused two pieces of fabric together to make this page:

Another fabric page:

And back of the above page:

Inside (white) pages are cardstock, so it should be heavy enough to stamp or paint on without bleed-through. I'm looking forward to filling this up.


Teresa said...

This is an interesting project and your fabric choices are beautiful. I am curious about what you will be putting in this journal and hope you post some pictures of it as would complete it.

Michele said...

Cheryl, this is SOOOO beautiful! You also know how I LOVE Asian things. I just think this is so gorgeous!

Fiesta said...

I love your journals.

freebird said...

Wow. This is too nice to use! You do really nice work.

Fannie said...

I love this oriental journal. Your use of the chopsticks is clever! Thanks for sharing.

Carol said...

Really beautiful. I love the idea of adding fabric pages and you've used the most gorgeous fabrics.