Friday, June 06, 2008

Journal Making Class

In addition to Sue Bleiweiss's Mixed Media class (which ends this week - we had our last lesson on Monday), I've signed up for two more of her classes. The first one is Journal Making, and it started this Monday. I finished my first journal for the class today. The second class is Journaling Techniques, and it starts next Monday. I'm going to be busy! But I love her classes!! She is a great teacher.

So here is the front cover of the journal I made this week:

Here are the signatures (groups of pages). The one farthest to the left is already sewn in to the cover in this picture. The dark blue on the left is a fabric pocket.

Here is the inside front cover:

And this is inside the last (decorative) page of the last signature:

I made this for my daughter-in-law. Since she is an artist, I used drawing paper for the signatures. I'm really pleased with how it turned out, and I think she will like it too. I want to make a journal for my son, too, but with lined pages. I haven't decided yet which style of journal I'll make for him.


Sue B said...

This journal really is a stunner!

morningDove said...

your journal is exquisite and your DIL should love it. When given a gift by another artist it makes it even more special.