Saturday, June 07, 2008

Fiber Postcards

I made 3 fiber postcards and 2 ATCs yesterday and today. I love this technique, which I learned from Sue Bleiweiss in her Mixed Media class. Basically, I started with a base of wool felt, then used Misty Fuse fusible web and fused on a variety of things - dyed cheesecloth, mulberry bark, fibers, ribbon, organza, painted paper towels, foil, tulle. I used several layers of Misty Fuse, which is so light that it you hardly know it's there. One of the postcards will be for an individual trade I'm doing with Ruth, whose blog is here. I'm going to let her choose her favorite.

Then these postcards are some that I made during the first lesson; they are made with tissue paper fused (with Misty Fuse) to muslin, then colored with several things - including color wash sprays, acrylic paint, and silver krylon pen. All but one will be traded with other members of the class, but I will have one left from that batch. This means that I will have 3 postcards and 2 atcs available for trade with anyone else - so if you'd like to trade with me, just leave me a comment please.

ETA: Ruth selected the third postcard, so the first two are available, along with one of the last two and both atcs.

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morningDove said...

I love the FPCs they are very beautiful. Great colors