Monday, June 16, 2008

Fabric Bowl

Sweet P has a contest on her blog to post pictures of unique containers in our studios. So this is a fabric bowl that I made. It is sitting on a not-so-unique container - a cardboard box! I keep name tags and pins and that sort of thing inside it.


Sweet P said...

Wow! I love your fabric bowl. It's beautiful.

I see you are taking a journal class from Sue Bleiweiss. I've been thinking of taking her class from Joggles. Your journals are stunning. I think you've convinced me to take her class.

Thanks for sharing your container and joining the contest.

Niki said...

You are welcome to come join us quilters on my new just us quilters blog. Get listed!
We'd love 2 have you. Hugs! Niki

Teresa said...

I like your fabric bowl. I have seen those around and always admire them, but just never got around to making one.

MargaretR said...

I just love your papers. especially the ones using cling wrap, which is one of my favourite techniques.