Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Paducah Quilt Show

I got home from Paducah Sunday evening. It was a great show! This was my first time to see the show, and I was not disappointed. I think it is probably the most prestigious quilt show anywhere. And of course, there were lots of vendors, so I spent way too much money.

We stayed with the most delightful woman as well. Paducah doesn't have enough hotel rooms during the quilt show, so the visitors and convention bureau works with local people to offer bed and breakfast rooms for the show. This was what we did, and it worked out extremely well.

On another note, I finished the machine appliqué that I was doing for Darcy Ashton at the quilting retreat I attended the previous weekend. They were the cutest bunny blocks. You can see Darcy's website here. I explain why I'm doing these blocks for her in an earlier post (here).

And I got just a little bit of machine embroidery done today. We've been shopping for a new refrigerator the last 2 days. Yesterday morning when I took my soy milk out of the refrigerator, I noticed that it didn't feel as cold as it should. I put a thermometer in it, and it only registered about 45 degrees or so (it should be below 40). This happened a few months ago, and we turned the setting as cold as it would go. It's only 28 years old - time for a new one! We finally agreed on one today and ordered it - it should be in next week. This is what we ordered in black: Amana.

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