Sunday, September 30, 2007

Slow Day

Some days I just don't get anything done! Today started out as one of those days. We went for our morning walk, then I ate my breakfast, then I added minutes to DH's cell phone (prepaid plan - we don't use them much), then I checked email and debated about ordering some stuff from Chico's (one of my favorite clothing stores). Still haven't decided on that yet! Before I knew it, it was time for lunch! At least this afternoon, I've gotten some embroidery done - 7th of 8 squares for my Japanese autumn panel (last of the 4 seasons - and since it's already autumn, I need to get it finished). I also finished my 2nd strip set for a quilt project I'm working on. And I'm almost finished with the most amazing book - it's called Follow the River by James Alexander Thom, and it's based on the true story of a woman who was kidnapped by Indians in 1755 and manages to escape and walk a thousand miles to return home. So I'm glad the afternoon got better!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What Gemstone Are You?

Your Gemstone is Topaz

Comforting, considerate, and stable.

You are down to earth and grounded.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Reworking Some Layouts

Based on comments from my Montage instructor, I spent some time re-working these layouts. I'm happier with them - she's very good with making suggestions.

I softened the blend (a LOT) on this one.

I enlarged the picture and added a date on this one.

I swapped the pictures (instructor pointed out that the small picture is a bit out of focus - I hadn't noticed but she's right). I blurred the hearts and changed the fonts.

In other news, I am going to another quilting retreat this weekend - in Lawton. This is farther from home than the one I went to last weekend. It is my state organization, of which I am the treasurer. And on Sunday, I come home from the retreat and then go another direction to see the first ballet of the season in Tulsa. I really wish the two events weren't on the same weekend!

Sunday, September 16, 2007


I spent Thursday through Saturday at a quilting retreat. It was so much fun - and I got a lot done too. I got one quilt top finished except for the last border, and I got a lot of tracing and some cutting done for another 3-D applique project.

Tomorrow I've got a quilt class for another new project.

It's All About Me

My latest photo assignment was to create a photographic self portrait, consisting of 8 photos. We weren't allowed to take pictures of husbands or children or other loved ones (pets). If we wanted to include our relationships with them, we had to find creative ways of expressing them.

So, here are my photographs:

I took this one in the mirror (my husband held up the quilt behind me, which I made), then flipped it horizontally in Photoshop.

Not the most creative way to show my cat, but it was all I could think of.

DH and me on our morning walk.

Breakfast of Champions (ha ha).

Emroidery for a quilt project I'm working on.

A small part of my bear collection.

When I'm not sewing or embroidering, I'm usually computing.

Adding the binding to a quilt (the last step).

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

More Montage

I finally started working on my Advanced Photo Montage class - I finished 3 layouts in the last couple of days.

The background on the first one is from the first class (made by the instructor, Emma Powell, I think). The background on the second one is from Shell Seekers by Jeri Ingalls. I did the background (or overlay) on the last one.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Essence of Place

I took some pictures for my photography project, and I didn't like how they turned out. So yesterday I started over. Our topic was "The Essence of Place." I had started out thinking I would take pictures around my house, but that didn't work. So I decided to take pictures of the Oklahoma State University campus instead. Here is what I wrote about the pictures:

"The first time I was on the Oklahoma State University campus (over 30 years ago now), I was struck by its beauty. I had been attending the University of Nebraska at Omaha, which was a small campus in a big city that was trying to expand but didn't have the room. OSU, on the other hand, was a large campus in a small college town, and had lots of space. All the buildings have been built in the same or similar style, and there are gardens and green space all over the campus. I have tried to convey that feeling with these pictures."

And here are the pictures:

Monday, September 03, 2007

One New Project and More Finished Projects

I'm a bit behind on updating my blog, but I've been having too much fun quilting to take the time! I finished another small quilt tonight. I really need to take some pictures!
Last week I went clothes shopping and spent way too much money. But after I got home, I looked at my closet and decided it was time to clean it out. I worked really hard, and ended up giving away TONS of stuff I don't wear anymore. It felt so good - I can finally see what's in my closet.

My 2 sewing buddies and I sewed at my house today and we started a new project. It's an embroidered quilt, and we're using black silk dupioni for the base. Each of us has selected our own thread colors, so even though we're working on the same project, they will turn out different. Here is a picture of the project that appeared in a magazine:

And I just realized that I do have pictures of a couple of the quilts I've finished lately. This is the applique project I worked on in Colorado. What you don't see in the picture are the Swarovski crystals in the centers of many of the flowers, and the fact that a lot of the flowers are 3 dimensional.

And I used ric rac for the whiskers and buttons for the eyes on the cats here - and the ric rac is only sewn in at the nose - the rest of it is loose.
I have a new photography project this week - I've got an idea for it, but I'm not sure when I'll take the time to actually take the pictures. My DH is still out of town, and so is the DH of one of my sewing buddies, so we're sewing together all week. Maybe I'll take some time in the mornings to take a few pictures, because I think my idea is pretty good.
And I guess that's enough updating for one day!