Sunday, February 25, 2007

New Blog Header

I love changing my header every so often. And Marmelade is one of my very favorite kits from Eve Recinella. So it only makes sense that I should have a header with that kit. The cardboard is from Enjoy Life, also by Eve, and the alpha that spells out CAT is from Punky Girl by Lauren Grier.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Published Again

I was notified a couple of days ago that I'm going to have 3 more of my layouts published in Ready Set Create! I was really excited and pleased - it's a real ego boost to realize someone else thinks my layouts are "good enough." LOL

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Creative Teams

I'm back to being on one Creative Team again. Lauren's needs have changed, and I wasn't sure I could give her what she needs, so we agreed that I would leave her team. I'm ok with that, and she seems to be too, so it's fine. I still love her designs, and I wish her all the best!

And now I can really devote my energies to Eve Recinella's team. Honestly, I really don't know how people do it who are an several teams at once. I obviously don't scrap as much as a lot of people do - I quilt and embroider and do other stuff too, so I've learned that one team is enough for me.

At the Window

I finished this layout today - I love the picture my husband took of your sweet kitty. He was looking out the window, and my DH was outside and got the shot through the window. This one has a very long list of credits:
Papers from Digital Extras - Metropolitan Paper Pack by Eve Recinella - Sweet Shoppe Designs
Stitched twill, plain twill, photo prong, staples, large flower center from Rugged by Eve Recinella - Sweet Shoppe Designs
Gauze from Giggle Me Happy by Eve Recinella - Sweet Shoppe Designs
Large flower from Regality by Eve Recinella - Eve Recinella Designs
Small flower, pinned tag from Cinnamon Tea by Peppermint Creative
Cardboard from Enjoy Life December Sampler by Eve Recinella - Eve Recinella Designs
Tab from Key Ingredients by Heather Roselli - The DigiChick
Button from Fudge Dream Supreme by Robin Carlton & Lauren Grier - Sweet Shoppe Designs
Title from Digital Extras Scratch n Stamp Alpha by Eve Recinella - Sweet Shoppe Designs
Scraplift of Gina Miller’s Inner Beauty LO here
Inking action by Atomic Cupcake
Sanding brush from Digital Distressing Kit by Nancie Rowe Janitz - ScrapArtist
Journaling reads, "Glen took this picture of Lucky looking out the window next to our front door. Lucky was watching a bird behind Glen. He loves to watch the birds."

I Forgot

What can I say - I forgot to post my valentine's card to my DH. So here it is.
Credits: Kissy Fish Love by Lauren Grier - Sweet Shoppe Designs
Card Template by Christine Smith - The DigiChick
And making that one was so fun, I made another one for a few of my friends.
Credits: Amanda and Lauren Rule the World, by Amanda Rockwell and Lauren Grier - Sweet Shoppe Designs
Font - AL Sandra
Digital Sketch by Cindy Simon

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Cherish the Sweet Moments in Life

This layout was published in the April/May 2007 issue of Ready Set Create.
This is a photo of my DH with our kitty on his lap. "Journaling" on the To Do List reads "Tell this man how much I love him." I will give this to him tomorrow for Valentine's Day, along with a card I will post next.
Marmelade Kit by Eve Recinella of Eve Recinella Designs.
Arrow and Light Heart from Stained Doodle Shapes by Eve Recinella of Sweet Shoppe Designs.
Wordstrip Forever and Skinny Heart from I Heart You by Lauren Grier of Sweet Shoppe Designs.
Pin from Ana by Lauren Grier of Sweet Shoppe Designs.
Quote from Simple Sayings by Eve Recinella of Sweet Shoppe Designs.
Denim Heart from Messy Doodles by Lauren Grier of Sweet Shoppe Designs.
Font: LB_Sharpy.

Thanksgiving, 2006

Journaling reads: "Every year at Thanksgiving, we play Monopoly. And most years, Glen wins. We all start the game thinking, "Maybe this year will be different." But not this year - Glen won the game, again. Oh well, there's always next year."

Spunky-Licous Kit by Eve Recinella
Word snippet (blank) by Lauren Grier
2006 from Full of Sweetness by Lauren Grier
Thankful Bubble by Heather Ann Designs
Ricrac from Marmelade by Eve Recinella
Stitching by Christine Nash
Scraplift of Keela Fox’s layout here:

Sleeping Beauty

Journaling reads: "Lucky seems to sleep all the time - on our bed, on the couch, on the floor, in my chair; it doesn't matter, he sleeps anywhere and everywhere. And the older he gets, the more he sleeps."

Lollypop Shoppe by Eve Recinella - Sweet Shoppe Designs
Say Here Journal Bits by Eve Recinella - Sweet Shoppe Designs
Line Border from Punky Girl by Lauren Grier - Sweet Shoppe Designs
Stitching by Christine Nash - A Cherry On Top
Scratch n stamp alpha by Eve Recinella - Sweet Shoppe Designs
Scraplift of Gina Miller’s “Outtakes" -

What Kind Of Cookie Are You?

I found this fun website on the Sweet Shoppe Designs blog - here are my results to the quiz:

You Are a Chocolate Chip Cookie

Traditional and conservative, most people find you comforting.
You're friendly and easy to get to know. This makes you very popular - without even trying!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Wedding Quilt

I finished my son's wedding quilt last week. This is a picture of it on our bed. I really enjoyed making this. I had them come over and look through my books and patterns last fall. They liked several patterns, so they took a few days to decide which one they wanted. When they told me this was the pattern they wanted, I was really happy about it; it was the one I liked the best of all the ones they liked. Then I had them look through all my fabrics to show me what they liked; I ended up making almost the whole quilt from my fabric stash! I bought one fabric just because it was perfect for the quilt, and I bought the fabric for the backing and binding. All the rest came from my stash.

Monday, February 05, 2007


I finished the quilt I made for my son and his fiancee last week. I am taking it to my quilt guild meeting tomorrow evening for show and share, then I'll take a picture of it and post. I am also taking a couple of my quilt tops to have quilted. The woman who will quilt them is fairly new to quilting on a long-arm (commercial) machine, but she's been a quilter on her home sewing machine for a long time and I've always admired her work.

I had to have a root canal a couple of weeks ago, and today I got the temporary crown put on. It wasn't all that bad, I guess, but I'm a real wimp when it comes to dental work. I've been blessed with pretty good teeth, and I've really not had anything other than the occasional filling, but I'm always very nervous when I go to the dentist. Today was no different. I get the permanent crown in a couple of weeks - I'll be glad when it's all done!

Japanese Winter Wall Hanging

A couple of weeks ago, we were iced in for several days, and I got a lot of sewing done. This wall hanging is winter, and I have designs for the other 3 seasons that I intend to complete as time allows (hopefully before each new season!). On the left is the full view, and on the right is a detail of the center. It has 8 embroidered rectangles that I sewed together after I finished the embroidery, then added the borders and hanging loops. It doesn't show up very well in the pic, but I also made narrow piping for the edges. I was hoping to find bell pull hardware to hang it from, but I couldn't find any that I liked that was wide enough, so I bought a dowel rod and decorative ends and painted it with gold Lumiere paint. All in all, I am very happy with the results. The embroidery designs are by BFC Creations (available here).