Friday, June 30, 2006


This layout was published in the Feb/March 2007 issue of Ready Set Create.

My cat Lucky (who is feeling much better now, by the way - no more sneezing or coughing).

Credits: Smitten Kittens kit by Sara Carling - Sweet Shoppe Designs
Tag and String - For my Father - Peppermint Creative
Handstamped Alpha - Michelle Coleman - Scrapartist
Zigzag stitches and curve template - Christine Nash - A Cherry On Top
Blanket Stitches - Sweet Jane Stitches - Sandra Boddington - Sweet Shoppe Designs
Photo of my cat is "stamped" on the tag

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Waiting for the Ferry

This layout was published in the April/May 2007 issue of Ready Set Create.

I did this layout yesterday in between having a migraine. I took the picture of my son and his fiancee while we were in New York last month. One of the things I'm most proud of is that I didn't use a sketch or scraplift or anything. And I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

Journaling reads: "Waiting for the ferry to Liberty Island."

I saw this kit yesterday on Eve Recinella's blog, and thought it was so cute I had to have it. It was on sale for half price, plus if you posted a layout to her gallery by Wednesday, you'd get an add on for free. And if you attend her chat on Tuesday, you get a freebie. So with all those incentives, I obviously had to buy the kit and complete a layout with it!

Giggle Me Happy kit by Eve Recinella, Paper Tears by Stephanie Krush.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Altered/Collage Challenges

ScrapArtist is now my favorite digital scrapbook message board. They have cool challenges, the absolute best shoppe, and a very talented community. One category of challenge that I've been participating in the past 3 weeks is Altered/Collage. Here is the artwork I've done each week:

(1) Altered envelope. I used Sentimental Journey and Art Inspiration Collection kits from ScrapArtist and Valentines Kit from Digital Memories Magazine. The font is Cheryl.

(2) Altered tag. I used clip art from the Vintage Workshop, Art Inspiration kit from ScrapArtist, Bookbag Essential kit by Gina Cabrera, and brushes from the Digital Distressing kit from ScrapArtist.

(3) Tear It Apart - Puzzle ATC. The background is from Sentimental Journey kit; everything else is from Emma's Sundress kit (both by Michelle Coleman of ScrapArtist). Font is LB_Typewriter. I used a photo from the Flickr 100 year old pool.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Cat Update

We found out today that our cat has a bladder infection. So we have to continue his antibiotic that we're giving him for his respiratory infection, and before we discontinue it, we have to take another urine sample in to the vet to see if it is cleared up. The pills haven't been too difficult to give him, thank goodness, but it has been pretty hard to get him to drink anything. He's a bit dehydrated, and with a bladder infection it's pretty important, so if he isn't better by the end of the week, we'll have to take him back to the vet for an IV. He's also still sneezing and coughing, although that seems to be just a bit better.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Breaking Bad Habits.

I have gotten into some bad habits lately that I've been thinking for awhile I needed to stop, but today I finally took the first step. This morning, I did my exercises for the first time in months. Then we went for our usual 2 mile walk.

When we got home, I called our vet, because our kitty has been sneezing and coughing for several days now. I got an appointment for 10:00 (it was 8:30), so I ate my breakfast, took my shower, got dressed, asked my husband to get the cat carrier down from the attic, and cleaned it up. By that time, it was time to take the cat to the vet. We have to give him an antibiotic (a pill). Have you ever tried giving a pill to a cat? But guess what? They've come up with this clever pill gun that makes it so much easier! It looks almost like a really long syringe without the needle. Then because he's a "senior cat" we had a whole bunch of lab work done on him (about $100 worth!). Pets are expensive, but so worth it!!

Anyway, I didn't spend all day on the computer. I spent some time sewing. I took care of some sponsor responsibilities for Our Stamping Studio. DH and I watched a movie this evening (Brokeback Mountain - awesome movie). So all in all a pretty good day. I feel like I accomplished a lot.

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Ramblings on Father's Day

I've been using this blog almost exclusively to post my digital scrapbook layouts lately, but I also intended it originally to keep a sort of journal as well. So tonight that's what this entry is supposed to be.

I gave Glen the layout I worked on yesterday of him and his fishing buddy canoing our pond. He seemed to like it. I also gave him a card I made (digitally, of course). I told him he was the best dad a boy could have, and it's true.

Brian came over for dinner tonight, which I cooked (I don't do that very often, but since it was father's day, I couldn't very well expect Glen to cook his own dinner, now could I?). I fixed meatloaf, which is something that he doesn't cook, which is also why I fixed it. Plus we had fresh sweet corn from the garden (yum), new potatoes (also from the garden), fresh pineapple (from Walmart LOL!), and zucchini bread (yes, the zucchini was also from the garden - see a trend here?).

Then I asked Brian for some help with the journaling on my layout I did as a tribute to my father, because I thought it was a bit choppy (he's working on a master's degree in English). He read it and agreed, and suggested that it was "too general." He thought I might focus more and maybe give some anecdotes or more specific examples. When I said I liked the basic sentiments but just felt it didn't flow, he reread it and said I needed more active verbs. Well, I could change one sentence around from "He was warm and loving and put his family first." to "He loved his family very much and always put them first." But it's pretty hard to come up with any active verbs for "My father was a kind and gentle man." And this is when Brian went back to his original suggestion that this statement really didn't mean anything to him. The problem I'm having is that my father has been dead for over 30 years, and my memories of him are pretty dim, so I'm just not sure I can come up with anything much better than what I've written. So for now, I think I will change the one sentence and print it, then I may try to do another one later. It's not that I disagree with Brian - he's probably right. I'm just not sure how deep I can go right now. We'll see.

A New Circle Journal Page

These pages have the theme of favorite vacation spot in your home state. Now we don't really vacation in our home state, since we take our vacations in the heat of summer and use that time to escape the heat. But we do enjoy taking day trips, and this is one of our favorites.

The journaling on the tag reads: "We have enjoyed visiting Honor Heights Park in Muskogee several times during their annual azalea festival."

Credits page 1: New Growth Kit by Tia Bennett
Flower from Summer Sunsations kit by Digiscrapz
Atomic Cupcake Jelly effect on CK Artisan font
Credits page 2: New Growth Kit by Tia Bennett
Sweet Renewal kit from Digital Memories Magazine
Butterfly Charm from New Beginnings kit from 2BScrapped
Inked edge by Atomic Cupcake
Filmstrip from Bookbag Essentials Collection by Gina Cabrera
Pin from Day to Remember kit by Sweet Shoppe Designs
Tag from The Garden Megakit from RAKScraps
Fibers from Raspberries & Cream kit by Kim Liddiard of DSP

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Graduation Party

Our son's fiancee graduated from college last month, and her parents had a party for her. Her sister had also finished her nursing degree sometime in the past year, so it was a double celebration.

Credits: Shabby Fall and Shabby Smiles kits, both from Shabby Princess
Digital Date Stamp by Meryl Bartho
Sketch by Scrapmommies


This layout was published in the Aug/Sept 2006 issue of Ready Set Create.

I took this photo of my husband and his fishing buddy on our pond a few days ago. I got several shots before they saw me, although this one was the best. So I decided today that I needed to do a layout of it and give it to my husband for fathers day tomorrow! Luckily, I was able to find a perfect layout to scraplift, so it was pretty easy! Here is the original layout that I scraplifted.

Credits: A Girl's First Love by Sweet Shoppe Designs
Sun stamp from Summer's Call by Natural Designs in Scrapbooking
Dirty Edge - Mudd Pie by Mandabean
Raffia tie and bow - Acorn & Berries by Kim Liddiard
Notepaper - All American Boy by Ashley Olson
Clip - Shabby Princess
Fonts - Arial and CK Typewriter

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Cheeky Boys

I took this picture at my son's fiancee's graduation party. Holden is her nephew, and Hudson is her cousin's little boy (first cousin once removed?) Anyway, at this moment, they were playing very nicely. Holden got a little rough a few moments later.

Credits: To Be a Boy Kit by Fiona Renwick - Clik Chic Designs
Tabs and staples from Feels Like Home Kit by Robin Carlton - Sweet Shoppe Designs
Sketch from

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Tribute to my Dad

This layout was published in the Aug/Sept 2006 issue of Ready Set Create.

I decided I wanted to create a tribute to my dad, so here is what I came up with. I'm still not totally happy with the journaling. I mean, it pretty much says what I want it to say, but it doesn't flow; it's too choppy. But it comes from my heart, so that's what's most important. If I come up with better wording later, I'll redo it, but for now, it's done (that's one of the things I love about digital).

The journaling reads: "My father was a kind and gentle man. He was warm and loving and put his family first. He was very patient. I only remember seeing him angry one time, and that was when he believed that a teacher was mistreating me.

He was honest and had integrity. He had great strength and determination that we didn't see for many years due to illness, but it was there.

My husband is like him in many ways. I often wish that they could have met, because I know they would have liked each other. And I wish my son could have known his grandfather."

Quote at the bottom is: "He didn’t tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it." by Clarence Budington Kelland.

I used the Sentimental Journey kit from ScrapArtist.

This was also done for 2 challenges on the Scrapmommies website: Photo Challenge #9 and Quote Challenge #9.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Photo Shoot

I am so proud of these photos. Yes, I had help (see journaling), but still, I snapped the shutter. And I love the kit from Scrap Artist, too. I almost didn't get the kit either. It was a freebie on National Scrapbook Day, which was the day before we left on our trip to New York. You had to "order" the kit (put it in your shopping cart), but there was no charge for it. Then you were sent an email confirmation with a download link. But we left town the next day, and I overlooked the email confirmation. So by the time I read it, the download link had expired. Luckily when I inquired about it, they reset the link. It took a couple of emails, because I didn't remember exactly how I'd gotten the kit in the first place. At first I thought it was just for registering on the site. But once I gave them my order number it all fell into place. I'm so glad, because the kit was perfect for this layout!

Journaling reads: "We went to the OSU Botanical Gardens with Kitty Story on a photo shoot, and she helped me get these gorgeous flower shots. She gave us a lot of great tips, including taking photos at eye level, being aware of backgrounds, and filling the frame with the subject. She also taught us some things about our camera we didn't know, including that we could zoom in on our LCD screen."

Credits: Summer Whimsey kit from, Sketch from, Fonts: Artistamp Medium and Cheryl.

Monday, June 05, 2006


This is another layout I did where I was able to combine several challenges - I always love to do that! But mainly I am learning to collage photos together and blend them. I really love the technique. I haven't done much yet, but I intend to do more. The quote here is "Happiness is your own treasure because it lies within you."

Credits - Lilacs for Lilach kit by Sue Jones.

Trying to Catch Up!

I did this layout for a scraplift challenge on the Scrapmommies website. It is based on this layout. It is also for the ABC challenge - being the letter "O" this time. I always try to combine challenges whenever I can.

We had our son's fiancee's family over for fishing on Memorial Day and that's when I took these pictures. Her family includes her parents and her sister, sister's husband and 2 boys.

Credits: All papers from Bold and Chalky by Traci Reed of Scrapmommies; doodle arrow by Gina Cabrera; brushes from Digital Distressing Kit of Scrap Artist. Font is Arial.

I have several more layouts to post, but probably won't get them posted tonight.