Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Circle Journal

I finished another set of pages for the digital circle journal I'm doing. The theme for this one is "I'm so proud of me." The kit is by Fiona Renwick of ClicChik Designs, the flowers are from Scrappers Guide, and the alpha is by Lauren Bavin. I used a sketch by Jen Caputo for the lefthand page. The tabs have my name on the right page and date on the left page. The journaling was not easy for me to write, since I don't usually write about myself in this way! It reads:

I consider myself a good wife, mother, and friend. But I am also good to me:

I keep physically fit by eating a healthy diet and by walking two miles a day most days.

I exercise creativity by sewing or digital scrapbooking or embroidering or stamping most days.

I sew with friends every week to stay involved socially. I am active in a local quilt guild and atc swap group. I am even the treasurer of my state quilters organization.

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carla said...

Hi Cheryl,

I was so glad to see you at ChicClik. Its strange to see someone that you know from DSP on another site! This is a great layout! I have always liked this photo of you. Your blog is great!