Friday, January 20, 2006

The "Real" Santa

Background paper is from Christmas Textures kit by Karen Bowers, brushes are from Thomas M. Ledin, inking effect is from Atomic Cupcake.

Journaling reads: "Stillwater National Bank had a Christmas party for their employees and families when I worked there. They hired a man to play Santa Claus, and the parents brought a small gift for their children that Santa gave out. Brian was 4 years old when we went to the first Christmas party. The man who played Santa must have been really good at it, because Brian believed for several years that he was the REAL Santa Claus. All the others he saw were just men dressed up like Santa; this was the real one."

The bottom line states, "Photo taken December, 1985 - Page completed January, 2006" And yes, the photo really is that old - my son is 24 years old now!

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